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Udder Balm

The Ultimate Softener!

One of our most enduring staple products is Dr. Naylor  Udder Balm. For more than 60 years, farmers have relied on this multi-purpose product for their dairy cows, nanny goats, and ewes, to help soften sore or chapped udders and teats. Many folks have found its beneficial properties for their own ailments. But don't just take our word for it. Read on to discover real testimonials from consumers who have experienced the transformative power of Dr. Naylor Udder Balm firsthand. From small family farms to large-scale operations, our customers share their stories of trust, reliability, and the invaluable support Udder Balm provides to their livestock.


"Effective" - RoTy

Very effective on quickly resolving dry teats on my cow.

"Great Cream"

My horse gets very irritated and crusty ears. This helped her so much. Will definitely keep it on hand. Great product!

"Like Magic"

Have horrible chafing on my hands from excessive washing, backs of them were red and cracking. Applied this twice and half of each hand is already clear & soft. Fantastic product!


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