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This homesteader shows how he used Blu-Kote on his chickens' wounds . . .

Another homesteader shows how he used Blu-Kote to treat his chickens' wounds by applying it at night . . .

From Amazon - Elizabeth P.

5.0 out of 5 stars--Works Great for Chinchilla Feet

Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2022

"We all know that chinchillas in captivity often have foot issues because of the soft but hard surfaces they stand on constantly. This works well to prevent bumble foot from forming and actually treats the callouses pretty well. I'm not sure why it works, it just does."

From Ebay - kentracy20092010

5.0 out of 5 stars--Love It

"I use blu-kote on all of my animals. I am using it now on my horse's fly bites. The deer flies are terrible by us now, my horse gets big wounds from the flies and the blue covers them up and heals the wound from the flies. But put gloves on or your get blue on your fingers sometimes."

Share Your Video Story

Join Dr. Naylor in celebrating the end of winter by sending us your funniest 30-second (or less) video clip of Blu-Kote gone wrong.  The product works fabulously; but we all have a story about a product that stains wet or dry!  


Send us a video clip and the top entry will win a $50.00 gift card and prize package of Dr. Naylor products.  Winning entries will be chosen June 1st.  

As you strive to win your blue ribbons, win your Dr. Naylor prize package.  Submit your video entries to today!

Tips for Removing
Blu-Kote from hands, clothes, and more . . . .


Blu-Kote is a product that is meant to stain. So, our first word of advice is to always wear gloves. Even after the product is dry - it can rub off of the animal's hide, fur, feathers and stain whatever else it comes in contact with. In our plant, we use rubbing alcohol to remove Blu-Kote from hands and some clothing. 

Here's a tip from someone who tried a few products to remove Blu-Kote from his wood floor . . . Click Here.

Here is a video of a product where the manufacturer uses it to try and remove Blu-Kote from his hands -- see what you think! Click Here 

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