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How to Use Hoof N' Heel Pint & Gallon

The contents of the 10 oz. squeeze bottle and the 1 gallon container are the same.  

  1. Clean and trim, when necessary, affected hoofs/hooves to expose and remove all dead, loose, and undermined tissue. Control any bleeding before treating with Dr. Naylor Hoof ‘n’ Heel.

  2. Slowly squirt Dr. Naylor Hoof ‘n’ Heel on lesion, covering and saturating it and the surrounding area thoroughly while holding hood inverted – allow it to penetrate before releasing the animal. Foot may be wet pack bandaged or soaked to enhance healing - Dr. Naylor Hoof ‘n’ Heel is re-usable and stable.

  3. Treat twice daily until healing results.

  4. Retain animal in a clean, dry area while it is undergoing treatment. Turn sheep out in pasture that has been vacant for at least two weeks. Keep separate from nontreated, affected animals.

CAUTION: If redness, irritation, or swelling persists or increases consult a veterinarian. Dr. Naylor Hoof ‘n’ Heel is a livestock remedy. Not for human use. For external veterinary use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

How to Use Hoof N' Heel 
Powder Concentrate

Hoof ‘n Heel

Powder Concentrate Directions


For Treatment of an Active Infection:  Items required: Two or three 5-gallon buckets; long-handled spoon or paddle; barrel or containers to hold about 25 gallons; foot bath container (about 16 square feet); absorbent material to line the bottom of the foot bath.

  1. ​Fill one 5-gallon bucket ¾-full with warm water. While stirring, slowly add entire contents of Bag #1 by placing bag opening on surface of water. Lumping may occur, but lumps will dissolve within one hour with occasional stirring. After all is dissolved, fill bucket with additional water to make 5 gallons.

  2. To a clean 25-gallon container, add 15 gallons of water. Open bag #2 and slowly sprinkle the entire contents over the water stirring constantly. Be sure to have stirrer touch the bottom of the container to keep the powder moving. When all the powder is dissolved, add solution from step 1 and mix thoroughly.

  3. Place mat, fleece, or other absorbent material on bottom of foot bath. (This prevents animals from slipping, reduces splashing and aids in cleansing, by bringing solution in better contact with lesions). Add solution from step 2 to foot bath container just deep enough to cover hoof.

  4. Restrain animal(s) in foot bath solution for one hour, then turn out into a clean dry area for one day and then into a clean dry pasture that has been unused for at least one week. Keep separate from untreated, affected animals.

  5. REPEAT treatment in five days. This is particularly important and should not be varied. Chronic cases with severely overgrown or distorted hoofs should be considered for culling or treated individually.

Smaller Quantities

Use the ratio method for smaller quantities. The smaller bag weighs 4 lbs., and the larger bag weighs 24 lbs.

- To make 5 gallons of solution, divide 20 gallons by 5, giving you a ratio of 4.

- For the smaller bag, divide 4 lbs. by 4, resulting in 1 lb.

- For the larger bag, divide 24 lbs. by 4, resulting in 6 lbs.

- Mix 1 lb. from the smaller bag and 6 lbs. from the larger bag with 5 gallons of water. This makes a smaller quantity to treat an active infection.


For Use as a Preventative Walk-Through

This container of Dr. Naylor Hoof’ N Heel into 40 gallons of water for a daily foot bath to keep hooves healthy.

Directions for Use:

1. Mix in a separate container as directed in steps 1 and 2 above.

2. Dilute the mixture in the foot bath container by adding one bucket of plain water for each bucket of Hoof ’N Heel solution used.

For Smaller Amounts:

To make 5 gallons of solution, divide the 40-gallon mixture by 8.

- Bag #1: Divide 8 into the 4 pounds of the smaller bag, resulting in 0.5 pounds.

- Bag #2: Divide 8 into the 24 pounds of the larger bag, resulting in 3 pounds.

This provides the proper proportions for a 5-gallon preventative foot bath.


Foot bath should be strategically placed to require animals to walk through in order to reach feed, salt, or water. Daily immersion of feet aids in the treatment and prevention of hoof rot infection.


Remove powder from skin immediately with water. For veterinary external use only. Livestock remedy, not for human use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid powder or solution contact with eyes. Lambs or kids accompanying mothers should be monitored to prevent trampling or immersion when attempting to nurse. If redness, irritation, or swelling persists or increase, consult a veterinarian.

Feel free to download the instructions for the powder 

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