Good news for dairy cows. Blu-Goo is here and it’s sticky—sticking industry-proven copper and zinc on heel warts and keeping it there to promote natural healing.

To treat hairy heel warts, trimmers need a solution that sticks. For years, the market has been without a product like Blu-Goo. Some trimmers have even spent valuable time mixing their own homebrew recipes.

Blu-Goo is here and it’s better.

It’s easier—the formula contains just the right blend of copper and zinc to get the job done fast. It’s ready to “goo” right from the tub, with no mixing, measuring, or fuss! That saves you time, letting you focus on more important things.

Blu-Goo is the stickier blue gel that stays where you put it. Safe, effective, and easy to apply, it coats, seals, and protects to promote hoof health without antibiotics. Healthy hooves make happy, productive cows.

With zinc and copper, tried and true, Blu-Goo sticks to hooves like glue.

Blu-Goo works because it sticks.

Smart dairymen and trimmers know that controlling digital dermatitis requires a multipronged approach. When combined with maintaining a clean environment, regular trimming, and proper use of footbaths, the non antibiotic topical is another important tool. And Blu-Goo is a favorite.

  • Time-tested copper and zinc are proven to help control the pathogens that cause digital dermatitis (warts), the leading cause of lameness in dairy cattle.
  • Recent studies have shown that applied together, copper and zinc work even better. Blu-Goo’s formula has both.
  • Blu-Goo really sticks, to keep its active ingredients working overtime in the right place and promote hoof health without antibiotics.
  • Blu-Goo is safe, gentle, easy to apply, and doesn’t burn.
  • Used as directed, Blu-Goo delivers a one–two punch of copper sulfate and zinc sulfate, right where you need it.

Easy to use. Fast results.

  • Trimmers who use Blu-Goo as directed have seen results in as little as six hours.
  • It’s ready, right from the tub.
  • Blu-Goo’s gentle formula won’t burn, making it safe to use it at every trimming, if needed.
  • Used as directed, the 16-oz tub holds enough for 50 or more applications.

For best results, remove dirt, manure, and other foreign material from the affected area.

Use a paint brush to apply a heavy coat of Blu-Goo to the clean, dry hoof, covering the sole and between cloves.

For best results, use a wrap.

Remove wrap after one day. Improvement typically seen in a few days.

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