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Dr. Naylor's 
Animal Health Products

Since 1926

Several Dr. Naylor Products for animal health care

Our Products

Dr. Naylor topical animal health products have been serving the farm and home animal communities since 1926. Our founder Dr. H.W. Naylor understood that farm animal care in the 1920s was rudimentary at best.  Seeing how many of the folk remedies were unsanitary, Dr. Naylor began to design and manufacture the first of many products that would come to reliably serve animals across the country for nearly 100 years.  See our time-tested fine line of products below . . .

One large and one small container of Udder Balm

For chapped, wind burned skin.

Red Kote spray and Red Kote Dauber

Antiseptic scarlet red oil

A box of mastitis indicator cards and one card for display.

Cowside Test for Mastitis.

Blu-Kote 3 bottles-no background_edited.

Germicidal - Fungicidal Lotion

A jar of dehorning paste

Quick. Safe. Economical.

Hoof N Heel solution in a gallon jug and a pint container

Attacks hoof & foot rot. 

A box of teat dilators - 40 each

For sore, scabbed, injured teats.

Eight tins of Udder Balm

Dr. Naylor

Since 1926, Dr. Naylor products have been serving the topical health care needs for dairy cows, beef cattle, horses, sheep, goats, llamas, deer, dogs and chickens. Based out of rural upstate New York, H.W. Naylor serves global customers who have come to rely on our quality, reliable and affordable products including Dehorning Paste, Hoof 'N Heel, Blu-Kote, Red Kote, Udder Balm, Teat Dilators and Mastitis Indicators.

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